SC Screeding

The demand for residential and commercial concrete solutions has never been higher.
Our team will lay your concrete flooring to the highest flatness tolerance in the industry.
We are flexible with our projects making sure all work is finshed on time and spot on. 


Our Services 

Traditional Screed
Traditional screed is made of sharp sand and cement, reinforced fibres and minimum quantity of water. Suitable for all floor finishes and cost efficient among other types of screed.

Fast Drying Screed
Fast drying screed contains special additives which enable the screed to dry quicker and therefore allow any floor covering to be laid sooner. Suitable for commercial projects to reduce drying process.

Fibre Reinforced Screed
Fibre Screed is a sand and cement screed with polypropylene fibres which helps the structural properties once cured.

Liquid Screed
Liquid screed is often used with underfloor heating. This type of screed is self levelling. 

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Floor Preparation

We have great knowledge and experience in floor preparation. Our team is trained and has vast experience in application of indoor and outdoor
primers, membranes and sealers.  

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Screeding Process,
After work services

After choosing the suitable type of needed screed and the way of mixing it, we make sure that it is applied correctly.  Our customer service team is always ready to help and answer all your questions.

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Professional Equipment

Maximum performance for large screeding Jobs! The Mixokret M 760 represents maximum power with high efficiency and reliability. Large construction sites with up to 50 stories or 200 m horizontal – no problem for the Mixokret M 760. 


Rapid Drying Screed Additive for Overlaying of Floor Coverings from 8 days.

Will accept foot traffic after 24 hours - for high demanding projects
Rapid drying—can receive floor coverings such as vinyl, tiles and carpet after 8 days at 50mm thickness and 15 days at 75mm
Rapid early strength development
Liquid admixture disperses quickly and fully in the gauging liquid
Applied as a bonded screed from 35mm, unbonded from 50mm and floating from 65mm
Compressive strength in excess of 40N/mm² can be achieved after 28 days.

sc screeding ltd sc screeding ltd
SC Screeding Ltd.

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