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Discover our projects that highlight the importance of indoor flooring quality and natural materials used; widely recognised as the two most important factors affecting wellbeing in buildings.   
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Code of Conduct

As a subcontractor we take care about every single Health and Safety aspect, to put simply the whole issue of H&S is down to us. If your site reqiures special engulfing conditions- we did, do, or will have them onboard. Just let us know what is the issue- we have never came across a set of requirements that we did not met. There was simply no precedence along these years. References on the request.

sc screeding ltd

Our working practices have  been reviewed by many of the leading manufacturers of resin flooring materials who have all rated us as an approved installer.

sc screeding ltd

No matter what your requirements are for seamless resin flooring installations put it in the hands of the specialists at SC Screeding Ltd.

sc screeding ltd

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sc screeding ltd

Outstanding Performance

- Extensive experience

- A skilled work force

- The latest equipment and technology

- Strong references

- A good track record of delivering on time and within budget

- First class service indeed

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Professional Equipment

Putzmeister 760M- is perfectly suited to deliver floor screed, sand, gravel and fine concrete up to 16 mm grain size.

Best Team

Our team count up to 20 skilled specialsts who are happy to meet your project requirements and start work at any time.

Project Planning

We carefully plan our projects to make sure we meet our clients requirements and company business ethics.

We meet our industry requirements

Suitable for all residential settings, our durable, comfort floor resins and screeds are the safest and most reliable way of maintaining an attractive appearance while preventing trips and slips.

  • Safety First
  • On Time Projects delivery
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Flexible work planning
  • Afterwork services and complience
sc screeding ltd

You can rely on us to deliver your project on time and within budget without any hidden fees.

FIFO rule applies

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SC Screeding Ltd.

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